Aussie Men make it a clean sweep at the World Cup!!
Date of Event : Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:00PM

The Aussie Men have never lost a World Cup (all 8 since 1995) and coach Ross Gregory did not want the record to slip this year.
 In front a large audience watching via the live streaming link through back in Australia and a strong Aussie contingent in the crowd, the Aussie were in to face the music first - just like the 3 other Aussie teams (U/20 girls, U/20 boys & Open Ladies) to have won their World Cup titles earlier in the day.
 Bennett / Fitzgerald were first on court and got off to a flyer - exactly what was required to stem the nerves of the Aussie team. Every over saw at least 10 off it to get the total to a massive 46 after 4 overs!
 MacDougall / Rice were next on court certainly would have been hoping for a few more than their 28 however it was more quality runs and the Aussies were up to 74 after 8 overs. 
 The Aussie skipper Lyle Teske who only just over 24 earlier had injured his groin yet the experience campaigner did not let this affect him and put on a sensational 41 for the 3rd pair with his Qld teammate Rhys Dearness to bring the score up to 115.
 Finishing the batting innings yet again in this campaign were Baker / Floros who accumulated a very low risk 34 and the Aussies up to a high quality 149, leaving the locals in the crowd a little flat.
  To build the pressure on the Kiwis early coach Ross Gregory sent Rhys Dearness to the crease for the 1st over and 3 clean bowled wickets and -10 was the result! From this point it was always going to be tough for the locals. Rice, Teske & Floros followed up with more quality overs and the NZ side were just 11 after the opening 4 overs and needing a massive partnership to get them back in the game. Fitzgerald has been in blistering form in the field and this game has been no exception with 2 fantastic run outs early from the back court.
 Fortunately for the Aussies (& unfortunately for the locals), this partnership did not come straight away thanks to more quality bowling from Baker, Rice, Fitzgerald & Floros through overs 5-8 and thus restricting NZ to just 14 for the pair (25 after 8). Fitzgerald again in the action during this pair with 2 more wickets in the 7th - this time off his bowling.
 The 3rd pairing of NZ kept the game alive to a degree with a solid partnership of 38, however it was too little too late for NZ who needed 87 off the last 4!! 
 When Baker pulled off 2 run outs in the 13th and the New Zealanders were back to 58 after after 13, even the always worried Ross Gregory was starting to relax!
 In the end NZ managed to make only 55 and the Aussies are once again confirmed as the leaders in the world of Indoor Cricket!! 
 Australia capped off a remarkable day in Wellington, winning all 4 Grand Finals in convincing style!!



Author: Paul Milo

Last updated: Thursday November 6, 2014 4:42PM